Bearing nature of the noise

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The use of bearings, the noise is very normal. Even bearing in the low-noise bearings have the same situation.

Why would noise pollution?
(1) roller bearing noise and its control

Roller bearing noise when running, the ball rolling in the roller surface slippery issued a continuous sound, all bearing unique to occur the basic sound. That is, the general sound of roller bearings sound with other sounds. Roller ball bearings sound is irregular, the frequency above 1000Hz, it does not change the main frequency of speed change, but the overall sound pressure level with the speed of the speed increase. Sound great bearing raceway, the raceway sound pressure level is reduced with the increase of viscosity; the sound of a small roller bearing, the sound pressure level increases in viscosity to about 20mm2 / s or more, the reduction and to be increased. Rigid bearing the greater the total sound pressure level raceway lower. Such as the radial clearance is too small, the total sound pressure level raceway and the main frequency with reduced radial clearance increased dramatically. Voice control methods Raceway: optional low-noise bearings is waviness small bearings, carefully chosen conditions of use. Raceway sound often affect the entire machinery of the noise, noise reduction roller machines can reduce the overall noise.

(2) the ball and control the impact of sound

Larger models of ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings in a pure radial load, low speed operation, due to the centrifugal force rolling small area in the non-load rolling element will impact or roller and cage noises. But with the speed increase, this sound will disappear. Impact on the rolling sound control methods include: reduction of radial clearance appropriate to use a reasonable structure of the material is supple nature of the bearing cage.

(3) bearing jarring noise and its control

Jarring sound of a cylindrical roller bearings on all occasions possible ear-piercing sound of metal friction, mostly in grease lubricated bearings in the larger models, while in the performance degradation of the grease base oil in the more susceptible, in oil lubrication almost does not occur. In addition, more prone to occur in winter, when pure radial load bearing, radial clearance in the big occasions vulnerable, and with models of different sizes, in the context of a particular speed is high, both occurring consecutive will also intermittent. External ring raceway take special processing methods to prevent the emergence of jarring noise when necessary use of such bearings, or appropriate to reduce the bearing radial clearance, excellent performance and the bearing grease and match parts to improve rigidity .
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