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1, ntn Bearing Parts Material
Imported bearing cage play an equal distance in the rolling bearing isolation to prevent the ball rolling and falling, to guide and promote the role of ball rotation. Can be divided into stamping rolling bearing cage and solid cage. Rolling at work, as a result of sliding friction and wear of bearings fever, especially in the high-speed operation conditions, due to the centrifugal force, friction and accelerated wear and fever, can cause severe burns and broken cage, resulting in bearing not work use. Damage to the bearing cage failure mode in a large proportion. The causes of damage in the cage in
The quality of material the cage is one of the main. Therefore, the required manufacturing imports bearing roller bearing material needs to have the following properties:
1. Has – given the strength and toughness with them to the cage to withstand a certain load and impact, better flexibility and stiffness.
2. And the rolling friction coefficient between the small, good wear resistance.
3. To be a good thermal conductivity.
4. The proportion of smaller and has the ball close to the expansion coefficient.
5. Because of the cage structure is generally more complicated, so they requested the materials used has good processing performance:
6. Stamping molding retainer material requires a good plasticity, ductility;
7. Car cage system requires a good cutting material;
8. Die Cage casting material requires a good performance;
9. Injection Cage injection material requires a good performance.
2, seal
Is to maintain the import of seal bearing the internal good lubrication and prevent the cooling water, iron skin, impurities immersed in the working surface to extend bearing life. Since the problem of rolling mill bearing seal, bearing the most damage is close to the roller side of the trunk of the site, bearing grease is often because of pollution, loss of work surface so that parts wear, spalling or fragmentation, especially in cold strip rolling mill emulsion infiltration, so Grease failure faster.
Imports of seal bearing seal and comes with an external seal into two. Mainly outside the labyrinth seal and the contact combination design. Level maze more (not less than two poles) the smaller the gap the better sealed. Maze the size of the gap according to bearing size to take the radial side 0.6 ~ 1.5mm; axial 4 ~ 6mm.
Skeleton oil seal contact: it used widely in the rolling mill, in order to increase the effects can be used two or three tie. Directional seal, can not hold anti. Hot rolling mill usually installed two seals, two seals must be to the bearing lip, the immersion in order to prevent dirt from outside. Three cold rolling mills generally installed near the bearing oil seal oil seal lip to within one to prevent spillover effects rolled quality grease. Be careful when using the seal, to avoid crashing when loading roll lip, affecting sealing effect.
RBR type seal ring: This is a rolling mill bearings special rubber lip seal ring, has been widely used in recent years. RBR seal ring axial seal means, the lip stick gland of the base surface, free from the influence of roll beat, bearing the old grease can overflow the internal and external cooling water, iron skin, impurities are prevented lip entry, there is a good seal. And easy to use, for when the roller into roller bearing are not affected.
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