Roller Bearing Ring Forming Method

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Roller Bearing type many, the structure type, tolerance level, material selection and processing methods are different, but the basic manufacturing process contains the following:
  Bearing parts manufacturer – bearing parts inspection – bearing parts demagnetization, cleaning, rust – bearing assembly – Bearing product inspection – bearing product demagnetization, cleaning – packing fight oiled bearings finished product storage.

  Ring is Roller Bearing an important part, due to a wide variety of rolling bearings, bearing rings made of different types of size, structure, use of equipment manufacturing, process and methods vary. Also, because processing procedures rings more complex process and requires high precision, therefore, the quality of the bearing ring machining accuracy, durability and performance have a significant impact.

  Ring made of raw materials for the cylindrical bar or tube material, now under different molding process, roller bearing rings generally have the following manufacturing process.

a. (bar), the material – forged – annealed (or normalized – Turning (Cold Rolling Forming) – heat quenching and tempering – grinding – Part Inspection – demagnetization, cleaning – Submit assembly

b. (bar, tube material), the material – Cold Rolling Forming – Heat quenching and tempering – grinding – Part Inspection – demagnetization, cleaning – Submit assembly

c. (tube material), the material – turning molding – heat quenching and tempering – Grinding – Part Inspection – demagnetization, cleaning – Submit assembly

d. (bar), the material – cold (temperature) compression molding – Turning – heat quenching and tempering – grinding – Part Inspection – demagnetization, cleaning – Submit assembly

Ferrule molding method: processing of the current ring, forming methods include the following: forging forming, turning forming, cold rolling and cold forming (warm) extrusion. In the above molding method, the most widely forged molding process, the total production about 80%, for small general-purpose products can be used bar (pipe) material directly turning molding. Since the 80s of the 20th century, China’s small and medium enterprises in the production of small and medium rings using a cold rolling and cold (temperature) compression molding process.

First, forging forming

   Metal forging process can be eliminated by the inherent defects and improve the metal structure so that a reasonable distribution of metal flow lines, metal tightness good. Forging Forming technology is widely used in bearing molding, you can complete from the small diameter of ~ 20mm diameter 5000mm products to the large product processing. Common methods of forging process: hot forging process, cold working, warm forging process, mainly in China by forging.

   Processing equipment because of its shape forging process were further divided into: free forging process, press forging process, forging process and the level Forging Machine High Speed Forging Machine forging process.

2, Cold Rolling Forming

   Cold rolling process is one that enhances material utilization, improve the metal structure, density, keeping the advanced technology of metal flow linear way, it is a non-chip processing methods. Theoretically, the cold rolling forming the products do not directly heat-treated for turning and grinding process. At present, the cold rolling process is mainly used in small, medium and deep groove ball bearings, the main process are:

   Forging blank (ring) – Turning (except Channel) – Rolling (groove and chamfer) the whole track – Polishing both ends of the surface

   By cold rolling process and forging forming process, the product of precision equipment in addition to precision by the impact, but also by the mold accuracy.

3, turning molding

   In the bearing industry, the traditional turning lathe molding technology is the use of dedicated, centralized method to complete molding process. However, the method difficult to use the equipment adjustment, low precision machine tools, material use is low, so that the technology is being phased out.

   With the scientific and technological development, CNC turning machine tool rapidly develop and improve. Currently, a number of complex shape, high precision products are increasingly used in CNC turning molding technology.

   Through the above analysis, the ring forming process should be directed toward high utilization rate of metal materials, high efficiency, high precision molding direction. Therefore, the High Speed Forging technology, cold rolling, CNC forming technology will be turning more and more applications.
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